Army Men Strike – Attack of the Toy Soldiers جدید is a new, interesting and entertaining strategy game from the Yuanli Prism Game Studio for Android, which has been released for free on Google Play and has been downloaded tens of millions of times by Android users worldwide. We have received and at your request, dear ones, we have decided to introduce the latest version as you come forward and rejoice again! If you’re a fan of strategy games, just install Army Men Strike on your Android device, build a base for toy soldiers, and conquer the house with them! Toy soldiers have always been looking for a commander like you; it’s time to take command of them and fight thousands of other users around the world online! Your ultimate goal in the Army Men Strike game is to win; collect the resources you need, unlock new weapons, form an army of toy soldiers, unite with others, defeat your enemies, and eventually defeat their cities. Conquer and enjoy a fun and addictive strategy game in a truly beautiful and loving environment.


Army Men Strike Android


Army Men Strike is currently rated 4.2 out of 5.0 on PlayStore , which we have released for download at FarsView , allowing you to see firsthand some of the gameplay and finally, if you wish, Get one click from high speed site servers. After all our Army Men Strike game has been tested and run smoothly, just be sure to read the important tips at the bottom of the post before downloading.

Additional Tips:

1 – Online and online game
2 – The game only goes through sanctions (either we are sanctioned or the game server gets filtered)
3 – The game is not hacked and has no mode version – Do not ask about the mode version and do not request
4 – Zain So you can always download the latest game update as it releases from this page.

Changes to v3.31.1:

* Bug fixes + various optimizations.