Ancient Planet Tower Defense v1.1.58 + Mod – Android Super Tower Defense Game + Trailer
Normal version + Mood version (unlimited diamond) individually
Tested with Offline Run

Ancient Planet Tower Defense New and Popular Strategy Games – Tower Defense Gamelight Studio for Moonlight Mouse Android Is available for free on Google Play, and to date we have received and decided on Android more than 500,000 times worldwide. for the first time in Iran Introduce it to you, and once again bring you the lovers of Definition Tower Games! The whole story of the game is that the ancient planet was attacked by a huge variety of invaders and now you have to defend with the help of ancient defenses and overthrow them one after another! The developer has released some interesting descriptions of his game on Google Play, which we translate exactly: “Today all the makers are launching their games online to make money, but we are different and a strategic game – tower We offer a unique defense that does not require internet access and is offline and can play as long as your battery is charged! Everybody is looking for money today, but we are one Play We have provided you with an ad that is appealing! ”Yes .. In Ancient Planet Tower Defense you can play offline; put defensive towers in the path of attackers and move them Drag and stop overthrowing your land! If you are a fan of Android tower defense games, do not miss the Ancient Planet Tower Defense.


Ancient Planet Tower Defense


Ancient Planet Tower Defense is now rated 4.5 out of 5.0 on PlayStore , which we have provided with Farsight along with Mood, which allows you to view images and gameplay trailers first and then if desired. Download with one click from high-speed servers. General features of the game can also include 40 unique levels; wide range of enemies with special features; types of defense towers to use; games in a variety of locations and environments; Thrilling ؛ HD graphics and overall unique builds ؛ Join us for download!

Changes to v1.1.58:

* Various optimizations and bug fixes.