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It’s been nearly a century and a half since the invention of radio. This amazing device was the first human-made mass media that could be used for free. The radio is transmitted using long waves, and because of the low energy of the waves, it can be used far away from the transmitter. The radio was initially used for military purposes, but efforts were also being made to use it as a medium. These efforts eventually led to the creation of the first civilian radio transmitters. Various companies have developed home radios, and various types and sizes of radio receivers have been manufactured and marketed. Soon radio became one of the most popular entertainment in the world and one could find it everywhere. At first, radio was used to broadcast and broadcast news, but very soon music became one of the main uses of the media. Now people could enjoy music everywhere without paying a fee. There were many radio stations dedicated to music broadcasting and broadcasting every hour. Even for different genres of music there were numerous dedicated stations. Even today, even with smartphones, high-speed internet, YouTube, social networks, and a variety of entertainment, radio still has a lot of fans, and most people use radio to listen to music. With the advent of the Internet, many radio stations have begun to operate on the Internet, requiring a special application to receive them. Chillout & Lounge music radio The title is an application for access to Internet radio dedicated to music, specifically for the Android operating system developed by Maxim Kabluka and released for free on Google Play. With this program you can access more than 5 different radio stations and use their free high quality programs for free. However, with each update, more radio stations will be added to the program and provided.

Some of the features of the Chillout & Lounge music radio Android app :

  • Access to more than 4 music-specific radio stations
  • Added new radio stations with each update
  • High sound quality
  • Powerful 4-band equalizer
  • Different buffer settings for radio playback without interruption
  • Car mode
  • View the history of Turks with the ability to search fast on the Internet
  • Sleep timer

The Chillout & Lounge music radio app is very popular, and with the satisfaction of Android users it has been able to get a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users. You can now get the Premium version of this app along with all the features from Farsight for free. This app is introduced at your request and the latest version is in front of you.

Version changes   v4.5.5 :

* Better loading pictures of cracks. With this feature turned off
* Sleep timer updates
* Change volume in car mode by scrolling on the spectrum
* New stations


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