Firefox Lite – Fast and Lightweight Web Browser v2.1.13 – Compact and Lightweight Firefox Android Application
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Android web browser developers typically release their apps in multiple versions, each of which is a feature over the other features! Most of you are familiar with Firefox This browser as one of the most serious competitors of Google Chrome, by providing users access to various features has been able to advance the level of the most powerful application of the company and is among the best. Firefox Lite – Fast and Lightweight Web Browser – Firefox Light Web Browser is a compact and lightweight version of Firefox browser for Android developed by Mozilla and published on Google Play. This software is intended for users who suffer from low memory storage and are looking for high-speed browsing. By incorporating Turbo Mode, the developer team has been trying to deliver a new experience in search speed to its users, in addition to saving on traffic. After all, one of the most popular features of Firefox Light is the privacy protection that keeps you from being tracked and minimizes annoying ads. Activate Night Mode to minimize damage to your eyes if you are one of the users who spend their late hours reading and browsing web pages.

Some Features of Android Firefox Lite – Fast and Lightweight Web Browser:

  • Very low volume compared to various features and capabilities
  • Very fast browsing of web pages
  • Protecting the privacy of users against Internet browsers
  • Private browsing mode to avoid storing any cookies or search history
  • Say goodbye to annoying ads and ads on web pages!
  • Save pages and read content in full screen
  • Turbo mode to save on traffic and increase page load speed
  • Supports multiple tabs
  • Clear the app cache with a single hint
  • Parallel download mode for storing data simultaneously

The Firefox Lite – Fast and Lightweight Web Browser app has been able to get 4.5 out of 5.0 ratings from Google Play users with millions of downloads worldwide with millions of downloads worldwide. Get it from the massive database of Farshid’s website; don’t forget that Mozilla is committed to keeping the power of the Internet in your hands!