Google Calendar v2020.10.2-301993791 – The official Google Calendar app for Android
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No doubt anyone goes to the calendar to find out or check out their leisure and public holidays and see an overview of the days of each year. As more and more Android apps expand, more and more users have abandoned paper calendars and are turning to digital calendars. Google’s smart calendar is one of the best apps in the field. Google Calendar – Google Calendar (Google Calender) is the title of the official corporate calendar of Google, which is released at the same store for Android users. Easily view the days of the week in weekly, monthly or yearly views and add any work or leisure program to your day with just a few simple hints to keep your schedule special. Set goals at the beginning of each week so that each calendar has everything set up automatically. Apart from all the features in the Google Calendar, the reminder system and to-do list simply cannot be forgotten and you will never forget your work activities.

Some features of the Google Calendar Android app:

  • There are several different ways to view your calendar weekly, monthly, and annually
  • Sync your existing Gmail calendar and add your own restaurant, hotel, concert and flight reservations automatically
  • Create your activity list with a clever reminder
  • Quickly create events with just a few touches
  • View all your calendars at one time and place
  • Specify your goals and set them automatically by the calendar

The Google Calendar app has garnered the trust of users and a 4.2 rating of 5.0 from Google Play users, which you can now get the latest version of from the huge database of Forsyth site. The Google Calendar software gives you all the features for free!


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