Lily’s Garden v1.56.0 + Mod – Lily’s Garden Puzzle & Management Game for Android
Normal version + Mood version (increase money rather than decrease) individually
Tested with Offline Run

These days we are seeing more and more puzzle and board games being launched for mobiles and tablets. This genre of games, which is often aimed at younger people, has a lot of fans because in such games, the player has to face both a management challenge and a puzzle and puzzle solving; this is all the more interesting. These games have helped a lot. Although there are dozens of similar games in the field, each has its own special features. Play Lily’s Garden – Lily’s Garden Another management puzzle game in the style of puzzle game developed by the Danish studio Tactile Games. This studio before, a popular and showy game Bee Brilliant Had also made it available for free on Google Play for free. In Lily’s Garden you play the role of a young, mysterious gardener who had been to her great aunt many years ago and now has not been around for many years. You have to move to this area as a character and restore the eternal glory of this beautiful garden! Lily is faced with different characters, events and stories along the way. Accompany him so that he will not be alone on this adventure. The game has an interesting and beautiful story line that is well worth knowing and paying attention to. For example, Lily falls in love with the game and you have to help her have a good relationship with the characters in the game. Of course there are some who will work a little hard for you and make Lily a nuisance! The graphics of the game are very interesting and the designs are fantastically beautiful. The use of a wide range of bright and spectacular colors makes the overall atmosphere of the game very sweet and engaging. As we mentioned, the game is in the puzzle and management style. Just like the examples in this game, in Lily’s Garden you also have to solve many puzzles and puzzles to earn points for them. With the points and money earned, you can start recovering your garden, expanding it and managing it well.

Some features of the Lily’s Garden puzzle game for Android:

  • Ability to build a large and beautiful garden with various sections
  • Ability to use various items to expand the garden
  • Features an interesting story line with numerous hints and hidden items
  • Various characters throughout the game with remarkable stories, adventures and dialogues
  • Has hundreds of puzzle stages and colorful puzzles
  • Fun and convenient 3D designs
  • Ability to retrieve old places and structures and renovate them

Lily’s Garden has so far garnered more than a million downloads on Google Play. This beautiful game has also become one of the most popular puzzle games with a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 . So if you also want to discover the story of the Lily’s Garden game and accompany the main character in this adventure, you can now download the regular and mod version of the game (with the ability to raise money rather than reduce it while shopping) from servers. Get Farside fast.

Changes to v1.56.0:

* Fix game bugs


Lily's Garden