Microsoft Planner v1.10.9 Trello ‘s main competitor on Android
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These days people no longer work alone as in the past, and most jobs require multiple people to work together. This cooperation is such that the work of individuals is complementary to each other and if there is a defect in the work of a team member, the result of teamwork will be incomplete. This is an indication of the great importance of teamwork management. Teamwork is difficult because of the vast scope they usually have, and they require intelligent and dynamic management to achieve the results that are expected. To make it easier for people to manage projects and tasks, different software companies have designed and delivered a variety of tools, the most popular and popular being the Trello website. In the area of office and enterprise software, Microsoft has always been one of the leading companies, and its products have always been among the top office software. Microsoft has also released software for project management and teamwork that we are using today with its Android version. Microsoft Planner The title of Microsoft’s project management and teamwork app is for the Android operating system, which is released for free on Google Play. Microsoft Planner offers a simple and intuitive way to organize teamwork, task planning and tasks for all team members, exchange data and message between members, and ultimately manage the project step by step. Keep track of how team members work and how the project works. In this program anyone can see their defined tasks and see what each team member is working on. Planner works on all your devices and you can access it from any operating system. So with this program you will never lose control of your tasks and projects. Note that this application comes with Office 365, so having an Office 3 account is essential to using it.

Some features and features of the Microsoft Planner Android app :

  • Define tasks for each team member
  • Exchange messages, files and documents between team members
  • Ability to change project status and tasks
  • Categorize tasks for easier access to them
  • Show what each member is working on
  • Notification when new events occur
  • View defined tasks for each user along with their status
  • Ability to make changes in the responsibilities of tasks

The Microsoft Planner app is a complete and comprehensive team management tool that delivers extraordinary teamwork with its ingenious design. Microsoft Planner, with the satisfaction of Android users, was able to get a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users. You can now get the full, ad-free version of this app along with all the features and features from Farsight for free.


Microsoft Planner