Minecraft – Pocket Edition – Popular Android game “Envelope – Pocket Edition” + 2 mod
Priced at $ 6.99 on Google Play and over $ 10 million in purchases!
A collective request from the user

Minecraft – Pocket Edition is one of the most popular, popular and entertaining brainstorming and arcade games from Mojang Gaming Studio, with different versions being released for different platforms and at the request of users we intend to introduce the Android version! The Android version of the Minecraft – Pocket Edition is priced at $ 6.99 on Google Play, and has so far garnered over 10,000,000 purchases, and this is truly a surprise for a paid game! In the game Minecraft you to be able to pay for construction and a dream city with all facilities to prepare the best way possible! Generally get whatever you want and think and make it yourself! In-game construction is easy, you have all the blocks and shapes you want in different dimensions, and all you have to do is put these blocks together in the best possible way; So it takes a lot of care because putting one piece in the wrong place, in addition to damaging the shape of the building, can cause the whole building to collapse and force you to start a new building from scratch!

Some of the features of the Minecraft – Pocket Edition Android game:

  • Build different types of structures by players
  • Provide a variety of items including blocks and more
  • Excellent sound recording with diverse music playback
  • Having a really addictive and different gameplay
  • Group play with friends with WiFi

Minecraft – Pocket Edition, despite its high sales, managed to win 4.4 out of 5.0 with over 8500,000 votes. Keep in mind that the game is not graphical but its unique design will fascinate you! If you are interested in specific Android games and are looking for a beautiful Android game, don’t miss out on it – don’t miss the Envelope Envelope.

Note: The official and beta versions are released separately for download, both of which are the latest

Changes to v1.16.0.53:

* No changes are available for this beta.


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