One Shade: Custom Notifications and Quick Settings v2.3.7 Custom Android Notification Panel and Quick Settings Change
Pro version of the program with access to all features

One of the most commonly used and most important parts of the Android interface is the quick settings that we use over and over again on a daily basis. This section includes controls like turning on and off WiFi, flashlight, data, GPS and many other options that can be displayed by swiping downwards, which we can control in a fraction of a second. Let’s talk about different parts of the phone. In addition, notifications are also displayed here. So this is one of the most important parts for users, and that’s why various smartphone manufacturers are always trying to make this panel better and more efficient than their competitors. If you are a user who would like to be able to edit all parts of the phone and customize it, you must have wanted to change this part of Android. That is impossible in other mobile operating systems, but with the application we are launching today on Android, it can easily be done on Android. One Shade: Custom Notifications and Quick Settings is the title of an application for personalization and editing the Notifications and Quick Settings panel, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by Treydev Inc. software group and released for free on Google Play. With this program you can make extensive changes to these areas. For example, you can use a photo as a panel background or change the way you like to display notifications. It’s even possible to apply dark themes to your hands to personalize your phone more than ever.

Some of the features and capabilities of the One Shade: Custom Notifications and Quick Settings Android app :

  • Colors Customization: Customize background colors and elements
  • Advanced capabilities for reading, receiving, discharging and delaying notifications
  • Enhanced Music Control: Dynamic panel color change with music playing and full control over music from the Notifications panel
  • Quick response to messages received through different apps on all Android phones
  • Prevent spam by notifying apps and grouping notifications for easy access to them
  • Ability to use custom wallpaper for notifications and quick settings background
  • Change the theme of Notifications panel inspired by Android
  • Ability to use your profile picture in Android’s Quick Settings section
  • Customize display of tabular icons

The One Shade: Custom Notifications and Quick Settings app offers many features to customize the notification and quick settings of Android without having to be rooted or costumed. This app is rated 4.4 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with the satisfaction of Android users. You can now get the professional version of this app with all the features and features from Farsight for free.


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