Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard / Mouse for PC / Phone v2.3.0 Convert smartphone to mouse and wireless keyboard
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Smartphones are capable of doing all kinds of things because of their powerful and complete hardware, and can be used even for unforeseen uses. For example, the smartphone can be connected to a laptop and use the touch screen as a wireless touchpad for the laptop. Or it used its keyboard as a Bluetooth keyboard and typed on another smartphone, laptop, tablet, and so on. There are a variety of tools available to do so far, and we have provided many of them at Farsode. These tools work the same way, and the difference is only in the interface and support of more devices. All of these applications require the installation of a server software on the target device in order to communicate and exchange data with the device. Software installed on the target device converts the commands sent by the phone into comprehensible and executable commands for computers, tablets, etc., and is crucial in the process of running the program. So far there may be no problem with how these programs work, but imagine the time you need to use your phone as a mouse quickly and urgently, but you also need to spend time finding and installing server software. . It is at this point that the need for a program to run without the need for a server becomes a critical need. Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard / Mouse for PC / Phone is an application to use the phone as a wireless mouse and keyboard without the need to install server software on the target device, specifically for the Android operating system developed by the AppGround IO software group. It’s published free on Google Play. It’s easy to set up and connect, and can be used to connect to other smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and Android TVs.

Some of the features and functionality of the program Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard / Mouse for PC / Phone Android:

  • Convert phone to touchpad with scroll support
  • Use the custom keyboard application to type on the destination device
  • Supports 32 different language designs for different
  • Turn the phone into a mouse based on the movement of the device
  • Ability to enter audio information and send copied text to destination devices

The Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard / Mouse for PC / Phone app supports a wide range of devices with Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone and Chrome OS operating systems and is rated 3.5 out of 5.0 with the satisfaction of Android users. Get Google Play from users. You can now get the unlocked version of this app along with all the features from Farsight for free.


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