This War of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promise v1.5.10 – My Android Warfare Tales and Trailer
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This War of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promise The name of the game is released by Polish studio 11bit studios, which is actually a proprietary DLC of the original game This War of Mine We’ve been introduced to Farsighted in the service of your usual companions. This War of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promise features the same usual features of the game, and are part of the main story’s sub-story. The maker of the game looks set to release DLCs and more, and Father’s Promise is the first DVD of the series. Although earlier this studio released a version of This War of Mine: The Little Ones for home consoles and computers in 2015, it is now witnessing the release of a major DLC in 2019. Installation as a separate game by the Polish company for mobile devices and game consoles. Just like the original version, this War of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promise game uses the same design language. This game is actually a simulator for the ugly and scary world of war. According to the creators, their attempt to portray war is a completely different and tangible aspect than any other, and indeed it is. Father’s Promise is a sub-story of a series of stories from my war game, about the story of a man named Adam, who’s all trying to save his daughter’s life from this deadly war. She struggles to find a way out of the besieged city so she can live a quiet life with her family elsewhere. You have to follow this dramatic and beautiful story in the role of Adam and experience love, hate, and sacrifice. Throughout the game you will come across many characters and adventures, and the right path to survive the horrific events is your primary need to survive and save Adam’s daughter.

Some of the most important features of This War of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promise Android game:

  • Awesome story line with sad themes adapted from the story of the famous Polish writer, Mr. Lukasz Orbytowski
  • Displays bitter war stories and events in the context of a game
  • Unique graphics and design
  • Enchanting soundtracks and soundtracks
  • Ability to change the game process with complex choices
  • Experience war-torn situations and the possibility of using different items to live in difficult conditions

This War of Mine: Stories – Father’s Promise is a beautiful artwork that is a great option for adventure and realistic gamers. The game is priced at $ 1.99 on the Google Play store and has gained 4.2 points from 5.0 with more than 100 active installs in a few days. If you are also interested in realistic games and war simulators and would like to know the fate of this war-ridden father, you can now get the purchased and offline version of the game from Forsyth .

Changes to v1.5.10:

* Various optimizations and bug fixes


This War of Mine Stories - Father's Promise


Installation and Running Instructions:

– Download and install the installation file first.

– Download the data file and unzip it. Com directory . Copy elevenbitstudios.twomstoriesmobile to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.