War of Kings v45 + Mod – Interesting “King of War” strategy game for Android + trailer
Normal version + Mood version (infinite resources) individually
Tested with Offline Run

War of Kings – War of Kings is the name of a strategic game for Android mobile phones and tablets produced by Falcon Studios and released for free. We have produced this game along with a customized version of it and will introduce you to your loved ones. This game is a strategic title that is nothing new or very different in terms of design and gameplay, and its style and overall look like hundreds of similar games, but this game has its own charm. War of Kings takes you into a world full of tension. Where the neighboring lands that were once in the hands of different kingdoms and lived together in peace have now become the scene of a great battle between the kings. Every kingdom is seeking its own interests and expanding its borders. These pleas for domination and domination over other lands have led to small and gradual conflicts over the great wars. Now, in the midst of these great battles, you have the task of managing your kingdom and protecting it from enemies and trying to win the battle and invade the territory of the enemies and loot its resources. Expand your kingdom and conquer other enemies and conquer their lands and conquer them! Not everyone is your enemy in this game. In War of Kings you can make friends with other kingdoms and form a union with them to help each other in critical situations.


War of Kings


In the game War of Kings you can play in two general sections offline or online. The online part of the game is a multiplayer game where you can find other players online and play exciting multiplayer games. It even has a 2 to 2 competition section that you can run with your friends. The War of Kings Offline is also where you can play offline with no artificial intelligence. The game also has an interesting and efficient system of clones. You can create and customize a unique clone in this section. You can even use a special avatar for your cologne. There are some interesting tools in this section for customizing different parts. During the game, both offline and online, you can expand your civilization and territory by building important resources and build various buildings and forces. The maker of the game says the online part of the game unlike most similar titles does not consume much data. Overall it should be noted that War of Kings is well structured and with no very specific graphics, but its interesting competitive gameplay can make this game a lot of fun. FarsDroid will provide this game with its moded version and invite you to download it for a free trial. The game is currently rated 4.2 out of 5.0 .

Note: Moodle version features may not be used online or may result in your account being blocked.

V45 changes:

* Improved game performance
* Minor bug fixes
* Added ability to submit reports to developer