Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle v3.5.4 + Mod – Fun Puzzle Game Blasting Android Jewel + Trailer
Regular version + Mood version (Infinite coins and boosters + Remove ads)
Tested with Offline Run

Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle – Diamond Blast is a new, fun and compact puzzle- style game from the BitMango Game Studio for Android, released for the first time in Iran with Mood for Download It’s you! The whole story of the game is about suddenly turning the main character of the game, “Lily” into a cat, and you have to help her get back to normal! The curse has caught Lily and in this way you have to collect diamonds to get her out of this mode but you can break this damn spell! Put two or more similar and similar diamonds together, and collect hundreds of different steps to reach your goal! From the very beginning of the game, Lily has been with you in the role of a cat, with a wide range of boosters and powers available for you to collect diamonds at a faster rate! If you’re a fan of adapting games, undoubtedly Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle with a meager 30MB size and good design will appeal to you!


Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle


Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle to date has been downloaded by Google Play around 50,000 times by Android users worldwide and has earned a good rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 based on thousands of votes! You’ll be able to see images and video of the gameplay first, and finally download the latest version, along with Mood from the fast- paced Farvard servers! As with other games on the site, both the original and the mod version of Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle have been tested and run smoothly.

Changes to version V3.5.4:

* Added 20 new levels + various optimizations and bug fixes.