Grow Empire: Rome v1.4.30 + Mod – Popular Strategy Game Expanding the Roman Empire Android
Normal version + Mood version (unlimited gold) individually
Tested with Offline Run and No Internet Required

Grow Empire: Rome – Expanding the Roman Empire is a popular and entertaining strategy-style game from the Station1 Game studio for Android , released by Surtrigans on Google Play, and has received over a million downloads by Android users worldwide today. And at your request, dear Forsyths , we have decided to introduce the latest version along with your mods and rejoice you again! Grow Empire: Rome is a wonderful mix of war strategy games, tin defense style strategy games and role-playing games where you play the role of the most powerful Roman ruler, Caesar, and must play other civilizations on the Continent. Defeat and have to obey! Build an army of Roman soldiers, ancient war machines, heroes and even mercenary barbarians and get ready to fight to reach your goal! At first the Roman Empire is small and within the confines of present-day Italy; it is your task to make it the largest empire in the world! You may have to use your weak battles at first, but be aware that battling them out can become invincible fighters 1 If you’re a fan of strategy and special games , by no means Grow Don’t miss Empire: Rome!

Some of the features of Grow Empire: Rome Strategy Android game:

  • Fight over 1400 waves of enemies
  • Conquer more than 100 different cities in ancient Europe
  • Upgrading the buildings to over a thousand different forms
  • Unlock more than 35 battle units from ancient Rome
  • Clash with 4 warring tribes each with more than 12 different combat units
  • The use of ancient war machines as well as war elephants
  • Use 4 different heroes each with their own special abilities
  • Unlock 18 different abilities for your forces and heroes
  • Completely free with no in-app purchases
  • Great design with unique graphics and sound

Grow Empire: Rome is currently rated 4.6 out of 5.0 by PolyStore and is one of the best, most popular and most popular strategy games! If you’re a fan of games of this genre, download, install and run the game from Farside right now, then build your own castle and upgrade it to defend your empire against various tribal invaders from Italy, Gallium, Carthage and Iberia. Then you can attack the land of these tribes and conquer them to both expand your empire and increase its wealth! In general, Caesar the Great, the glorious and inimitable glory awaits you!

Changes to v1.4.30:

* Various optimizations + bug fixes and game problems.


Grow Empire Rome