PCIe 6 standard to be completed in 2021

There will be 2021 completion years for the PCIe 6 standard, which will increase bandwidth capacity to 256x / s per line for 16x. Then the first devices are expected to be released.

PCIe 4 standard, which will provide more efficient and faster connections in computer systems, has just entered into our lives. The completed PCIe 5 standard will be available in the coming years. The PCIe 6 is still under development.

Starting with the PCIe 4 standard, the 16GHz link frequency, 16GT / s raw data transfer rate and 64GB / s bandwidth in the x16 configuration.

The PCIe 5 standard announced in 2017 included 32GHz link frequency, 32GT / s raw data transfer rate and 128GB / s bandwidth in x16 configuration. In this standard, 400Gb Ethernet solutions will be possible.

With the PCIe 6 , a 64GHz link frequency, 64GT / s raw data transfer rate and 256GB / s bandwidth per line in x16 configuration will be possible. In addition, 4 level pulse modulation – PAM-4 improves efficiency and FEC error correction improves bandwidth.

PCI-SIG expects the completion of the PCIe 6 standard in 2021 and the publication of documents. Until this date, test and prototype studies will continue with partners. The first samples, such as late 2022 or early 2023, are expected to be released.

Normally, the PCIe 4 standard was planned to be put into operation in 2017 and the PCIe 5 standard in 2019. As a matter of fact, the habits of producers and consumers rather than plan play a role. In this respect, we can see that the PCIe 6 standard is even more delayed.


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