Access to Uber blocked by court order

Uber’e unfair competition was opened in the case for the determination of competition. Uber services were judged to constitute unfair competition and access to Uber’s mobile applications was denied.

Uber'e erişim mahkeme kararıyla engellendi
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A period of falling yellow taxi from the agenda of Turkey After a long time there was a new development in the Uber voltage. The court ordered that Uber’s activities be stopped .

The United Taxi Association and Istanbul Automobile Chamber of Tradesmen filed a lawsuit against Uber for unfair competition. The court concluded today. The Istanbul 10th Commercial Court of First Instance ruled that Uber services would constitute unfair competition and prevent access to Uber.

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Since 2014 Uber serving in Turkey, where it terminates the XL Center gave four months ago with 8 + 1 decided on vehicles. Since then, Uber has been operating with its yellow taxi and turquoise taxi partners. With this court decision, Uber’s activities were stopped completely .

The statement made by the Company in May, it was stated that the Uber app downloaded by more than 4 million people in Turkey. 12,000 UberXL drive partners and 6,000 companies were reported to have earned revenue through Uber.

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