Google Daydream virtual reality project ended

Google has invested in a virtual reality project for many years and has shelved as of this week. Daydream glasses were canceled and phone support was terminated.

With the Oculus initiative flashing on Kickstarter , a new wave of breakthroughs began in the virtual reality industry. Successive announcements were coming on the hardware and software side, and investments were on the rise. However, the flow of virtual reality in just 5 years has been disappointing.

Due to the high cost of the equipment, it was not possible to find buyers on the end user side. When the mass was limited on the institutional side, this big dream fell into darkness. Following the bankruptcy of one after another VR companies, Google terminated its own project.

Yesterday, Google announced that they had stopped selling Daydream VR goggles because they did not see wide consumer or developer interest, and that Daydream support would not be offered on Pixel 4 .

Thus, with Virtual Pixel 4 , the virtual reality studies have ended. This includes flagships recently released and other smartphones. Daydream applications can be used or developed in the pre-Pixel 4 series and other models, but it is estimated that work will stop soon.

The concept of virtual reality has become more integrated today. Certain features can be used with rich reality support in applications such as Google Search or Google Lens . VR filters are very popular in social media like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Snapchat. Other than that, the goggles or helmet-like equipment seems to be of no interest.

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