The flagship models introduced this year are dazzling, but they are looking forward to the upcoming models. Samsung Galaxy S11 features leaked while waiting.

According to the shared reports, the S11 will be powered by a dual-processor S11, Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 9830 , which will be used every year. What we mean as a dual processor is that the Snapdargon 865 models are used only in the United States and China , and the Exynos 9830 is used in all remaining countries.

The camera, the display, the case and the battery are still unknown. Only the model numbers and the processors to be used are shared.

According to tweets shared by Max Winbach, the company began to give little surprises for the S11 . Winbach says that there are three different model numbers in addition to the processor information, and the models will also have 5G support. The corresponding model numbers are SM-G981U, SM-G986U and SM-G988U .

Three new Samsung models may also be available. There are also three new model numbers that the company has not previously announced. These model numbers are Y2 , R5 and A30C . The information in the source code confirms that the 2020 flagship model will also have a face recognition sensor (). The new Y2 is also expected to have Face ID.

Finally, future models with LPDDR5 RAM will support UFS 3.0 storage and 5G support. However, whether or not a 4G version will come is a mystery for the time being.

How do you think the Samsung Galaxy S11 family will be? You can share your feedback from the comments.

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