Apple has come up with surprise news today, but more news than Samsung has emerged a bomb. Samsung will bring Apple’s slow selfie to their devices. Samsung Slofie feature new 10 plans to offer the Galaxy series with updates.

Apple’s new today After offering Pro and iOS 13.2 , the agenda was shaken by claims that Samsung would steal the Slofie feature. Samsung plans to offer one of the newest features of the iPhone. With the latest Android 10 update, you’ll be able to shoot slow motion videos with the front camera on Galaxy devices.

Slofie introduced to users at the launch of Apple in September , that is the front camera slow motion feature, although not the same name will be offered to Samsung users. Of course, this situation has inevitably aggravated the debate and competition between Apple and Samsung .

With the Android 10 update, which is currently offered in beta for the Samsung series, the devices have the Slofie feature. However, the way the feature works looks exactly the same as Apple. In other words, the front camera of the Galaxy S10 is only able to record 120 FPS .

Of course, this is a feature of the beta update, which is a feature that can be changed with the new update of the frame rate option is also expected. However, stolen property discussions between Apple users and Galaxy users will continue.

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