A new era will begin at Apple with iOS 14

Although Apple has offered many improvements to its users with 13 updates, it is a big disappointment. The reason for this frustration was that there were eight more updates to iOS 13 over a period of two months.

There are different problems with each update, but the general opinion is that the latest updates have a negative effect on battery life. In this context, the eyes turned to iOS 13.3.3 update, iOS 14 seems to change things.

Apple is changing the way iOS software is tested, according to a report by Bloomberg. The company, which will start using software flags, will disable features that are under development in test versions.

When needed, these features can be activated from within the device.

Thus, Apple's own developers will ensure that the beta versions of iOS 14 include changes that can only be opened by internal testers and allow Apple to better isolate any problem code.

This test drive has been used by Google, Microsoft and many other technology giants for years. While the innovations that will be introduced with iOS 14 remain unknown, Apple's top priority is a bug-free operating system.

We'll learn all about iOS 14 at the WWDC 2020 event in June. Apple was focused on improving the operating system rather than adding new features in iOS 12.

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