Android phone reflected in the car!

and In the world there are two systems to use smart phones freely in automobiles. One of them is Android Auto and the other is Apple CarPlay . In this video, we look at how an Android phone and Android Auto are presented. Android Auto experience video. We’re looking closely at what is possible to do with the Android Auto features .

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On both Android and iOS, these systems are extremely important for security.

If you wish, without further ado, let us leave you with the details of the Android Auto features . Have a good timeā€¦

When we look at the details of the Android Auto features , we can say that the most striking feature is the constant update. Paths that change with updates are also being added to Google Maps . Thus, new solutions in traffic are constantly in the car.

To use this system, the Android operating system must be Lollipop and above. Meanwhile, the system is unfortunately not supported in our country for now.

The biggest advantage of using the system is security as we said in the beginning. This system eliminates the need to look at the phone while driving.

Bluetooth connection is used to connect the phone to the car. Afterwards, many applications such as Google Maps, Messages, WhatsApp, Skype, Spotify appear on the car’s screen.

Finally, the systems on both the iOS and Android fronts have similar functionality. The only difference is that both ecosystems use unique applications.

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