Bill Gates: Windows Mobile outperformed Android

Although Microsoft is the leader of the computer world with Windows, Windows Mobile has experienced a major failure in mobile devices. The fact that it comes with the Microsoft Surface Duo to be released in 2020 actually sums up everything.

Panos Panay , the main product manager of the Microsoft Devices group, said ” Android is the best operating system for the Surface Duo .. Speaking to The New York Times, Bill Gates blames the US for the failure of Windows Phone.

Gates said that the antitrust case brought to Microsoft by the US Department of Justice had caused a lot of damage to Microsoft, and we would have focused more on developing Windows Phone if it hadn't.

Although Gates said it could have been a Windows Phone at Android's site today, it's an unsupported opinion. In particular, it does not make sense to justify a case initiated by the United States for this failure.

Earlier this year, in his speech, the biggest mistake they made in the mobile market leadership of Android, said Gates, this error resulted in deprivation of income of $ 400 billion said.

Taking a short trip backwards: Google bought Android for $ 50 million in 2005 and Windows Mobile became its primary target. Android, which succeeded in this goal, killed Windows Mobile / Phone.

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