Critical error discovered on Apple devices

Apple is among the first to come to the mind of many people about privacy and security. Recently The location service error in the operating system has been discovered.

The error discovered by the cyber security researcher revealed that applications could use the GPS feature without permission. The iPhone 11 Pro reported that some applications have blocked access to GPS data but sent data, giving detailed information about the privacy violation.

Apple says that features such as location service are under user control. It is stated that users should determine which applications should use this feature, and that the location service will not be able to access your GPS data in any way.

┼×irket This is expected to happen, ┼čirket said the company’s spokesman. We do not think there is any security breach.. On top of that, Apple responded to the requests of the press organizations who wanted to ask questions negatively.

Location services is turned on property and in cases where applications have access restrictions for security researchers stated that this problem occurs “If you turn off location services settings tab from breaking access all the applications.” He said.

In all events, information security, privacy and privacy of personal data, such as addressing issues such as Apple, such an error came up with the question mark in the mind caused by users. Company officials declined to provide a detailed description of the location service error. It is a matter of curiosity what kind of work the company will do in this regard.

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