Focus Mode tidings from Google to Android devices

Google IO event, a new feature that will reduce the technology addiction of smartphone users announced. This feature, called Focus Mode , will become the stable version for 9 and Android 10 devices.

With this feature, which aims to prevent technology addiction, smartphone users can solve the problem of spending more time than necessary.

With Focus Mode, distracting factors such as social media applications and games are planned to be eliminated. The running feature shows that the application is paused so that the applications you select do not distract you.

Dayson Pais , project manager, announced in a blog post that the feature was available. The feature also includes the option to mute notifications from selected applications until you exit mode. The Focus Mode feature is also available on selected days and at specified times.

For now, only Android 9 and Android 10 operating system will be available on devices that are expected to be available on older devices in the future. The new feature will be available for devices with parental control.

Unlike applications like the OnePlus Zen Mod , the published feature is focused on the user experience. Therefore, users are expected to use Focus Mode developed by Google instead of solutions from phone manufacturers.

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