Good news for Huawei license

Huawei was the company most affected by the commercial crisis between the United States and China . Huawei, which was blocked from doing business with US companies, was blacklisted commercially. He then introduced a licensing policy for companies that want to do business with Huawei. Now companies are slowly getting their licenses.

In November , the US announced that it had given Huawei an additional 90 days. This long-awaited decision from the US was a confirmation of Huawei's continued sales.

Huawei, which was added to the commercial blacklist in May, was forced to suspend relations with several major technology giants , including Google. They were then told that they needed to obtain a license to do business with Huawei.

There have been close to 300 applications for Huawei license. Now, according to the information obtained, some companies managed to obtain this license. In addition to the information Reuters announced, it is not yet clear which companies have obtained the required licenses.

One official said that nearly half or one-fourth of nearly 300 applications were approved and the rest was rejected. The Department of Commerce also announced that the US has granted licenses to companies that will not jeopardize national security and foreign policy interests. The Ministry did not provide further details.

The most curious issue with the emergence of the license news of course Google has received this license was of course. However, for now, neither Google nor Huawei nor the US government front has no explanation.

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