Google Stadia trailer published

A new generation game system Google Stadia trailer released. The trailer includes extensive information about Google Stadia . As of November 19, the Stadia was available in some countries.

The two-minute trailer, released after the sale of Stadia , features features of the next-generation gaming system. It is mentioned as a platform for Stadia, where there are only the latest, logical challenges, and absurd absurd games. It is said that the only platform in the world that has these features is the Stadia , while the comfort of playing games without consoles and boxes is mentioned.

The trailer, which says that only electricity is needed, points out that the game can be played without any occupation and odor. 4K 60 FPS up to the image quality is supported, while the latest games in the Stadia’da draws attention. s to download and update to play is not necessary to play the game can be used to save time.

The most curious issue for the new generation gaming system, which can be played from different devices , is its resource strength. It is wondered whether the players will experience any breaks or slows in playing their games. In order to answer this, it is shown in the video how Stadia is in a server structure, while Google has a high number of servers.

Here is the video published:

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