How to backup iPhone contacts?

The smartphone would have ended with the replacement of the phone. Thanks to the new phones, it is very easy to transfer contacts, photos and many other important information to the new phone. However, if you are not sure how to do this easy process, this article is for you. iPhone Contacts Backup, How to Restore iPhone Contacts ?

You are using an iPhone , you want to edit your contact list on a computer. Or you’re bored with the phone,   You have decided to purchase a phone with an operating system. ICloud is always there for you. To backup your iPhone contacts, you first need to go to your iCloud account by clicking here:

and the biggest plus of iCloud is that the contact list is constantly synchronized. Contacts you have saved on iPhone are automatically transferred to iCloud and transferred to other iOS devices on which you use the same account. The main advantage of this is that it does not require SIM transfer for your contacts.

When you log in to your iPhone contacts backup with your iCloud username and password you will be greeted by an image like the one below.

Apple’s own cloud service, iCloud , is a highly functional platform that can be accessed over the internet. We will do the job of saving iPhone contact records to the computer through this site .

Click the Contacts icon here.

Here is your entire iPhone contact list . From here, you can edit your contacts as you wish, via the standard computer keyboard . This is a big advantage for number registration.

Click the wheel-shaped adjustment key at the bottom left and select Select All . Once you have selected all your records, click Export vCard again on the same setup button.

As you can see, your contact list has landed on your computer. Save it to a point where your computer will not be deleted, store , store . And let’s not forget that this contact list format is universal , and that you can use it on almost any smart device and computer program.

After all these steps without the need for a computer, ‘iPhone is enough to make contacts backup?’ The question may come to mind. Actually, the answer is yes. iPhone is also enough to back up your contacts. To do so, click on your phone’s Settings box and then tap the iCloud tab.

Then you need to touch the iCloud Backup screen. Finally, when you say Backup Now, the necessary action will be taken. Note that your Wi-Fi connection should not be broken until the process is complete.

Another important point after backing up the guide is to restore the iPhone guide. At this stage, we need to know what way to follow. In fact iPhone contacts restore also have similar redirects with contacts backup.

To restore the contact list as needed, simply log in to iCloud from your computer and follow the Contacts> Setting Wheel redirect. Of course, this time you need to use your choice to import vCard .

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