How to close Wattpad account?

Wattpad account deletion and Wattpad account closure process as the Internet is doing a lot of searches. The reason for both queries is to learn how to delete Wattpad. So there’s no difference between them. Wattpad, which has been used in the world since 2006 , is one of the most popular social media platforms in our country . In addition, if you are tired of this application, the process of deleting a Wattpad account or closing a Wattpad account is actually quite easy and effortless to say.

If you are bored of the Wattpad platform where you can write and share your own stories and read other people’s stories, and you are wondering how to delete Wattpad accounts or close Wattpad accounts , let’s learn together .

The most important thing to consider before you delete Wattpad account is that Wattpad will permanently delete your account. Therefore, if there are any stories you have written or are writing , we recommend that you back them up .

Before you close your Wattpad account, you should also take note of any stories you are reading. You will not be able to access the stories you have recorded after deleting or closing a Wattpad account.

Deleting a Wattpad account or closing a Wattpad account is actually quite easy. To delete the Wattpad account you are using, you must first log in to your Wattpad account via your browser .

After logging in to your Wattpad account, click the arrow on the top right corner of your browser , where you have your profile photo, and start the first step of deleting your Wattpad account.

As the second step of our Wattpad account deletion process, we click Kapat Close Account ” button at the bottom of the section where we changed the profile picture.

Our next step in closing a Wattpad account is to answer the question “why do you close it ulan asked by every social media platform on the page that opens.

You will be asked to give a brief explanation after answering the question to continue the Wattpad account closure. Under the description box, “Yes, I’m sure. Please close my account. ” Then you need to enter your account password and click Kapat Close Account ” button to complete the Wattpad account closure process.

There is no link to delete Wattpad account . However, we can also delete Wattpad account via e-mail .

For this ;

– Open your e-mail account and open a new mail page.

– Write to the address.

In the Subject section, type “Request to Delete My Account ..

-Finally write and send your mail to perform Wattpad account closure.

After you delete the Wattpad , everything you write, share or save as a draft will be deleted as we said before. You will also not have access to the people or stories you follow.

Unfortunately, this is not possible if you want to re-create an account with the same username after deleting Wattpad. Although it is possible to open an account with the same e-mail address after closing Wattpad, Wattpad does not allow you to get the same username .

So before deleting Wattpad, you need to think about whether you want your account again .

Wattpad states that your account will be permanently deleted when you perform a Wattpad account delete operation.

However, on the support section of his site, to check if your account is closed , not to log in with your username and password , otherwise “Self Renewal” feature will bring back your account, he says. So we can say that no definite opinion on this matter. But think about it before you delete it.

In this article, we tried to tell you how to delete your existing Wattpad account. We hope we can be useful.

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