HTC will have a hard time finding the right time

Once mentioned , HTC, the first brand that comes to mind, has become a manufacturer that is not even mentioned today. In particular, the brand has not lost the name of a large part of young people have been losing blood for a long time.

In spite of all these bad developments, the main focus of HTC is the virtual / augmented reality and 5G. After a long hiatus last month, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer came to good news.

In August, 66.8 percent revenue growth compared to July, while the brand's new CEO Yves Maitres said that they will return to the flagship market soon. However, according to recent financial reports, HTC still does not have enough power.

In October the pointer reversed again. Compared to the previous month, September, the revenue decreased by 48.6 percent to $ 21.6 million. With the Wildfire X and U19e, the focus is on the middle segment. As mentioned earlier, the brand is able to survive by conducting studies in the areas of VR, Blockchain and 5G.

Despite this serious fall in October, the CEO of the brand reiterated that when the right time comes, they will launch a flagship with 5G support.

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