iOS 13.2.2 released! Users laughed

Recently, Apple has released the 13.2.2 version, which is very fast on the updates . Before going into the details of this, “ iOS 13.2.1 has not yet been released? Doğrudan we would like to answer your question directly.

Apple released this version last week only for HomePod. After HomePod 13.2, some users are facing serious problems and HomePod 13.2.1 has been released. So, this version was passed to the iPhone.

Going back to iOS 13.2.2: everyone is happy to have the problem running in the background and running multiple applications . This is because users who have installed iOS 13.2 have faced a serious RAM problem .

It was closing when multiple applications were running in the background due to an error in RAM management. In addition, the issue that temporarily interrupted the signal on the iPhone after a phone call was fixed.

The problem that caused the charging process to be interrupted in some accessories was eliminated with this update. The innovations presented are exactly as follows;

We also want to remind you that Apple is working on iOS 13.3. To install the iOS 13.2.2 update, simply go to Settings> General> Software Update .

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