iPhone 12 began to take shape! Here is the design

Apple is in no hurry to redesign its products . Generally, Apple's use the same design for several years, is expected to go to a major design change in 12 models of the iPhone will be unveiled next year.

The biggest change in the iPhone 11 models introduced this year was the camera. While the iPhones have a large camera overhang due to the switch to the three rear cameras, it is hard to see from the front that the device is new.

In the news we shared with you before, we mentioned that the design of the iPhone 12 will be similar to the edges we see in the iPhone 4 models. Reports from sources close to Apple confirm this.

iPhone 6 and later on the smartphone, soft, or rather curved edges were transitioned. While this design has been in use for years, there are still some who say that it misses the design of the iPhone 4/5.

After returning to these sharp lines on the new iPad Pro and Macbook, their iPhones are expected to participate in this turnaround process. The introduction of the device takes about 10 to 11 months, so it is too early.

The design of the iPhone 12 may undergo serious changes in this process. You can take a look at the concept designs prepared in the gallery above. In addition, a 3D ToF sensor will be added to iPhone models next year.

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