Netflix works on Android! Here is the new feature

Netflix rolled up the sleeves for the familiar playback speed option from YouTube. Netflix playback speed feature will help viewers and movies viewers in a short time to watch the content. He is working on Netflix for this feature, which we've seen in YouTube and podcasts before.

Netflix will offer playback speed to all users in the future. However, development is currently underway. Netflix develops this feature on the Android operating system, according to the photos. Let's just say that for now, no device has this option. The company has limited testing of this development.

If you are one of the users involved in this test, you can see acceleration options of 1.25x or 1.5x in Netflix, as well as 0.5x and 0.75x deceleration. Slowing down the scene can be an advantage, especially for users who want to improve their foreign language so that they don't miss a word. Acceleration is ideal for those who want to finish more series or movies in less time, as we said at the beginning.

Initial reports show that the tests were done on the Android front. However, this may not be the only platform. Android TV, and the internet browser is likely to be tested in this feature.

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