Permanently delete a Facebook account

Those who want to permanently delete their Facebook account and make sure that they don’t open again need to complete the deletion process instead of freezing to close their accounts . But let’s explain what you need to know before deleting your account completely , ie permanently deleting your Facebook account . We share with you Facebook deletion guide and Facebook deletion 2020 guide. Here is the link to delete Facebook in 2020…

When you close your account, if you have a page or groups and you are the only administrator for those pages and groups, they will be deleted in the pages or groups with the account. (A second administrator can be added to prevent the page from being deleted.) However, if you have a thought of deleting the application without waiting 14 days, we would like to remind you that this is not possible for now.

The deleted account cannot be reopened in any way. So consider twice before deleting your Facebook account .

Some things you do on the application will not be kept in your account . For example, even if you delete your account, messages you send to your friend may still remain in it. This information will also remain after you delete your account .

When you delete your account , other people wo n’t see your profile in any way. However, it may take some time to delete all data. Status updates , photos, and videos linked to your account are stored in a backup system. You may have to wait up to 90 days for all data to disappear. This period proceeds independently of your 2-week Facebook Account Deletion .

Deleting Facebook Before 2020, you also need to delete apps from your account. To do this, you need to open Application Settings from the link below.

Click here to open Application Settings:

Then, we remove all applications in the application settings with the “ x bulunan next to them. If you don’t, our account won’t close. Because there is no activity for 2 weeks after deleting accounts .

After deleting the applications you need to go to the Facebook deletion link 2020 below and click the Sil Delete My Account ”button.

Facebook delete link 2020:

Facebook hesap silme

For the Facebook deletion 2020 guide, you need to enter your password and security code in the last pop-up window.

You should not open your account for 2 weeks after deleting your Facebook account . Otherwise, your account closure process can be reset again to close the account and you can deal with.


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