Qualcomm 5G'li iPhone explained

Qualcomm 5G for iPhone continues to work. Qualcomm made an announcement while wondering about the 5G features of the new models. He had appeared before.

News from Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit 2019 continues to come. Qualcomm previously made statements for the ultrasonic fingerprint , this time also announced the 5G’li iPhone models. With the introduction of 5G technology around the world, work between Apple and Qualcomm has accelerated.

Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon made a statement at the summit, 5G study for iPhone models, said the fastest way to continue. Speaking about “multi-year” licenses, Amon said that the first 5G-powered iPhone models will have Qualcomm modems when they are released. Although the models do not include all the frequencies Qualcomm is working on, it is stated that the work will be done for the necessary ones.

Underlining that the first 5G’li working for the iPhone , Amon, Apple and Qualcomm for a period of as little as two years, said there will be no cooperation. He also noted that the two companies were late for such a study.

Amon was the reason for the late start, Apple decided to set the frequency values for 5G 18 months ago, but showed that the work does not start. For 5G-aided models expected to be announced in 2020, work should begin earlier, he said. However, with the start of work Qualcomm and Apple ‘s work can be completed as soon as possible, he said.

Due to the use of different types of devices, antennas and power systems within the 5G infrastructure , Qualcomm is required to cover all systems. Thus, the new model can work successfully in every system.

Qualcomm will also work with Apple after his 5G work for Verizon and AT&T. 4G (LTE) work with Intel , Apple, which is now considered to be better with Qualcomm components will work.

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