Save natural gas with the Somfy smart thermostat!

Save natural gas with the Somfy smart thermostat. All the details about the Somfy smart thermostat, which saves both money and offers a comfortable and healthy home environment in our video.

The weather has cooled and especially after the hikes to natural gas in 2019, everyone’s fear has become natural gas bills. Is it possible to have a more comfortable, healthier and more affordable natural gas bill? The answer is in our video.

Somfy smart thermostat, which can be easily installed and used comfortably via mobile application with its wireless control, also provides significant savings in natural gas bills.

If you wish, without further ado, let us leave you with our video. You can also read the details of the Somfy smart thermostat from the bottom of the video in writing. Have a good time…

Somfy Smart Thermostat allows you to easily adjust and change the temperature without the need for an extra controller thanks to its smartphone application. So you can connect to a more comfortable life!

Do you always dream of living in a house with the right temperature? Take the wireless thermostat and create your own comfort space.

• Discover a new level of comfort thanks to the combination of temperature and humidity.

• The Somfy Smart Thermostat includes a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor. The sensed temperature; it works to bring you the closest possible level taking into account the temperature and humidity level in your home and to offer you maximum comfort.

• It also helps to minimize your bills.

• Analyze the energy performance of your home, the climatic conditions of your region and your habits.

• You can view your fuel consumption status in real time on the smartphone app. Based on this, personalized recommendations are provided to improve your consumption and reduce the impact on your bill.

• Geographical positioning feature takes into account your distance to your home. It provides energy efficiency by keeping the temperature low while you are away from home and increasing it as you approach.

• Compatible with TaHoma smart home system, IFTTT service and Amazon Alexa.

• Humidity and temperature sensors

• Geolocation function

• Monitoring your energy bill and monitoring live consumption

• Detection of opened windows

• Access management: accounts for children / adults

• Smartphone application

• Easy to install and use

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