Snapchat on the rise despite everything

As you know, Snapchat is not as popular as before. I mean, at least he was supposed to. However, according to the new data released by the company, Snapchat has increased the number of users by 7 million towards the last quarter of this year. At the same time Snapchat has targets in the field of AR .

Even if Snapchat is not as popular as it used to be, the company still invests. Developing augmented reality for such applications is vital. Because Snapchat can increase the number of users with investments in augmented realism. Snap, which added 7 million users in the last quarter, is still not as popular as its competitors.

Compared with companies like Facebook and Instagram , the increase in the number of active users remains low. Inspired by Snapchat’s feature, Instagram Stories feature allows us to say that Instagram has reached 500 million users per day. This is quite small for Snapchat , with an increase of 7 million users in the quarter.

However, Evan Spiegel , CEO of Snapchat, underlines that despite everything, they are rapidly developing themselves in the field of AR. In fact, according to data shared by Spiegel, active users interact with Snap AR products on average 30 times a day. Snap AR products include filters, mask filters, and virtually placed items that users can apply to their faces or environments.

However, it is worth noting that the Snap developer community has created more than 600,000 filters today, as filters are on the rise. However, there is no other data to compare these figures. It is not known how many filters are offered with Spark AR , the filter enhancement feature Instagram offers to everyone. In fact, Spark AR, which recently announced that some filters will be removed, also prevents the formation of clear data on the filter side.

Nevertheless, with the future of AR, Snapchat seems to have set a vision for itself. With its third generation Spectacles goggles launched in August, it wants to make its mark on wearable AR products for 7 to 10 years. Expectations for the glasses to be available in November are quite high.

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