Some versions unplugged with iOS 13.2

iPhone users will no longer be able to download some of the previous versions of iOS after the release of 13.2 . Apple made the decision for iOS 13.1.2 and iOS 13.1.3 with the iOS 13.2 update.

It is expected that the old ones will be discredited as new software is released. As a matter of fact, after the new update, Apple predicts that the previous versions will fall out of sight. However, many users in different countries have complaints about the release of iOS 13.2, which Apple announced with great confidence.

Some Apple users and tech experts suggest that iOS 13.2 prevents multi-tasking on iPhone devices. It was claimed that the Apple iOS version had a negative impact on the use of HomePod , which was reflected in the news.

According to the report, 13.2 forces users to close background applications. Users encounter problems when closing and switching applications. In this case, they may not be able to see which Apple app they stay in after the app is closed.

Although it is clear that this problem will be solved with iOS 13.3, there is no clear information about when this release will be released. Some of the users may insist on staying up to 13.3. However, the decision to stop signing can be an obstacle at this point. After that, iOS 13.1.2 and iOS 13.1.3 versions will not be downloaded.

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