What did Trump promise Apple?

The trade war between USA and China has been going on for a long time. US President Trump’s rhetoric with a rolling period, the last affected by this situation was Apple. Apple wants to lower taxes for products from China, Trump’tan green light burned.

Apple Trump relations are getting better. At the same time, along with Trump’s gospel, Apple also announced the new factory.

Trump said that if US companies produce within the country, they might be exempt from taxation. This is a very important development for Apple, which recently sent a letter to Trump due to the high tax rate.

Some time ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a letter to US President Donald Trump about the high tax rate in the trade agreement with China and the reduction of that rate. Apple’s iPhone parts, including device batteries and smart battery cases, are also among the products Apple pays import duty in China.

However, taxes not paid by Apple are reflected in higher sales prices to consumers. In addition, 15 percent of the iPhone sales prices in the United States as of December 15 taxation is planned to begin.

Donald Trump will visit Apple’s Austin plant today, along with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The Austin factory is currently playing a role in collecting and making Mac Pro desktops available. Thus, when Mac Pro is manufactured in the US, Apple does not have to pay import duty on the device. After Trump’s initiative, Apple announced the start of the construction of a new plant in Austin that will open in two years. The factory, which started its life with 5,000 employees, will employ three times of this work force with full capacity.

Considering the promise of US-based companies, which are among the promises of Trump’s campaign to produce and exempt from taxation in the country, it is announced that it will make new initiatives for Apple, which has a significant global position.

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