WhatsApp banned 400 thousand people

The Brazilian elections in 2018 were marked by false news spread on social media. WhatsApp also made a statement on this issue. The messaging application reported that more than 400 thousand accounts have been banned. WhatsApp made the first statement after the Brazilian elections.

In the presidential elections held in the country, information has been researched for a while. Finally, it was decided. WhatsApp announced in a statement that it prohibits certain accounts. For the time being, which candidates have benefited or which ones have been harmed by fake news has not been disclosed.

WhatsApp also said that any application or robot was prevented from sending bulk messages, sending unauthorized messages and creating groups. Saying that WhatsApp is an encrypted platform, the company said, lar The decisions we make against automatic and mass messaging activities are targeted to account behavior, not messaging content. ” It has also been noted that application has been developed to limit the spread of viral messages.

Social media giants like Facebook are working to reduce their influence in the 2020 US elections. However, many people think that much more work is needed to reduce it.

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