Xiaomi surprised with foldable phone design

Xiaomi is thought to have been working quietly on the foldable phone model since last year. However, the recently emerged Xiaomi foldable phone patent was able to excite technology lovers. Xiaomi refers to Mi Mix Alpha with its foldable phone design.

Xiaomi's two new patents have emerged. When we look at the images of the Xiaomi foldable phone patent , we see that a model is similar to the Motorola Razr. The other is a double hinged triple phone. The three-fold model also features a quad camera installation.

Although these visuals are exciting for many people, it is necessary to know that patent applications sometimes take their place on dusty shelves before they come true. The modeled image of the triple patent shows how the cameras will stop. When we look at the photo below, we can say that the phone is similar to Mi Mix Alpha. The cameras on the Mi Mix Alpha are also positioned to allow the back of the monitor to be used.

The patent drawings also show that there are no buttons on the phone.

Foldable phones mark the beginning of a change in the smartphone world. It is said that Xiaomi will launch its foldable smartphone in the next quarter. After brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Motorola, Xiaomi's entry into this field will further aggravate the business.

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