Young people's project will be supported by Instagram!

Doritos and Facebook started to support young people’s projects and started a new project together. The projects of young people who want to realize their dreams will be funded through mass funding. Projects will be supported via Instagram and Facebook .

In the new project, carried out in collaboration with FonGogo mass funding platform, funding of projects prepared by those who wish to realize their dreams is supported through mass funding. For the promotion of the projects, Doritos has allocated a media budget of millions. Project beneficiaries who wish to benefit from this support are required to submit their applications by March 10, 2020.

Social media with #bicesaret platform Within the framework of the campaign, Doritos will support the promotion of projects on Environment, Dance, Education, Culture & Art, Film, Music, Sports, Design & Architecture, Technology and Tourism.

For projects in these areas, application is made to Doritos #bicesaret tab created on FonGogo mass funding web platform. The projects will be presented to millions with the media power of Doritos. Advertisements and promotions of projects will be made via Instagram and Facebook.  

Doritos / PepsiCo Food Marketing Director Osman Dilber said:

Gençlik The years of youth in human life are perhaps the most dreamed and pursued of these dreams. Dreams are important because they enable people to realize their potential and turn into a contribution to society. Youth can also be one of the most difficult periods of life. In a worldwide survey of young people aged 18-24 by the International Federation of Youth, the stress level of Turkish youth was highest. With this campaign, Doritos invites young people to show courage and fulfill their dreams. We ask them to keep their hopes. Youth is the future of Turkey and we will always support the future of our country.   We will introduce the applied projects to millions through social media. We will have a series of promotional activities within the scope of the project. In the past, we’ve been with us today, and we’ve come up with dreams of mass funding: You’ll often come across the stories of Barkın and Nisan in digital channels. We hope these successful friends will inspire and stimulate them. ”

Facebook Middle East, and Africa and Turkey Derya Matras Vice President made the following assessment:

Facebook Helping people around the world achieve their personal goals and goals is one of our top priorities. Thanks to the Donation Campaigns that we have started in this direction, people in 17 countries can now initiate donation campaigns for their personal purposes. As one of Doritos’ main business partners, we have been involved in the campaign in all brainstorming sessions, creative production and media planning, starting with the creation of a massive funding strategy. Using the power of our country with massive funding #bicesaret campaign implemented in Turkey, we also believe we will contribute to the strengthening of this phenomenon. We thank Doritos for creating such an opportunity and Fongogo for his support. ”

Such projects are being carried out widely in the world. In China , where this method is used the most, the total value of the massive funding transactions reached US $ 357 billion in 2017.

Last year, a massive funding campaign was launched for approximately 6.5 million projects around the world, and there was a 33.7 percent increase in funds created through this method.  

In Turkey, the massive funding creates a new emerging field. The transaction volume on the share-based side is expected to be US $ 3 million by the end of 2020 by value.

The project covered seven continents gradually photos of the young Turks titled Barker’s Özdemir and Ak April, one of the few female conductors from Turkey ‘s society through inspiring stories of inviting you to participate in the #bicesaret project videos were prepared.

In the second part of the project, the applications made to are announced on Instagram and Facebook and announced to millions. The funds collected will be transferred to the project owner within 10 days.

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